CyberCon London 


9th March 2021

Kimpton Fitzroy hotel, London

The Growing Threat That You Can't Ignore...

The business of financial fraud, cyber espionage, extortion and theft runs to trillions annually and with growing number of companies falling victim to cyberattacks cybersecurity remains a top priority. 

The recent WEF 2020 Global Risk Report rates the likelihood of cyberattack as top 10 risks. Following several high-profile cyberattacks, starting from British Airways to Bank of America, Facebook, Apple and most recently Travelex, it is evident that no one is immune and it is more critical than ever for organisations to evaluate their cyber defences and assess their vulnerability to ensure they have the right solutions and processes in place.

Unlike countless other cybersecurity conferences, CyberCon London is the most progressive event of its kind, allowing UK business leaders the opportunity to gain exclusive first-hand knowledge of new and emerging online threats and learn latest response strategies and solutions through immersive and interactive real-case scenarios. We invite you to join CyberCon London and experience it for yourself.

Why Attend?

Not your usual conference. Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and an immersive experience, it is a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s leading authorities in the field of fraud and online risk

It will arm delegates with a comprehensive toolkit to create a Cyber Security strategy for their organisation from prevention through to dealing with an attack. It will provide deep insights into the latest strategies in dealing with cyberthreat and guard against the uncertain threat landscape

It will provide delegates with all the data and information needed and empower them to get the issue raised as a priority on the Board Agenda

Our Keynote Speakers

Who Should Attend?

Chief Technology Officers


Chief Information Officers


Chief Information Security Officers


Managing Directors/founders


IT directors




The Venue

Kimpton Fitzroy London

This landmark building, whose ornate terracotta facade is marked by four British queens guarding the entrance, has always been a proper home for glamour.

The building was originally designed in 1898, and today you'll feel that history the second you step into Kimpton Fitzroy London's lobby and gaze around.

As one of the cities, newest and most stylish conference venues it provides a stunning backdrop to any event.

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CyberCon London 



CyberCon London 


9th March 2021


Kimpton Fitzroy, 1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 5BE

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