Delegate Registration

8:00am - 8.45am

Registration and networking breakfast

Welcome & Intros

8:45am - 9.00am

Darren Parkin


Overview of the day and opening thoughts.

Case Study Briefing 

9.00am - 10.00am

Special Agent In Command

Introduction to the immersive experience and first look at the case study.

Cyber-security: the human connection

10.00am - 10.45am

Philip Ingram MBE

Founder at Grey Hare Media

We hear a lot about “cyber threat” and commentators often describe individual elements of it, but what does it look like holistically? Where do the actual risks lie? How vulnerable are individuals and businesses in reality and what are those vulnerabilities?

Philip puts the real risks into perspective and describes how he can access any network undetected, no matter what network security measures are in place.

Coffee Break

10.45am - 11.00am

A short coffee break...

Blockchain and cross-border anti-cybercrime legal frameworks

11.00am - 11.45am

Aviya Arika

Aviya Innovative Law

Massive financial fraud and immense data breaches are being heard of more and more, and in larger scales than ever before. Most cybercrime is conducted through hacks - the hacker finds a way to compromise the company’s servers  to extract or manipulate the data. When the data is encrypted and not all in one place this becomes much harder, and is what blockchain brings to the table. Aviya explores how this can assist with both legal and regulatory frameworks across the world.

Financial Crime in your company? How to handle initial suspicions

11.45am - 12.30pm

Michael Dietrich

Certified Fraud Examiner

According to the latest surveys, the handling of initial suspicions is crucial in preventing corporations from financial damage deriving from fraudulent and corruptive activities. By acting early and properly when initial suspicions arise, financial damage and reputational risks can be limited. Michael provides the delegates with a practical insight into the phenomenon of economic crime and demonstrates strategies for the professional handling of initial suspicions.

False advertising and fake news: Criminal activity or just the new normal?​

Panel Session 1: 12.35pm - 1.15pm


Eliav Boaran - Or-Hof

Malika Shermatova - Minerva PR

Martin Richards - Crisis Professional

Have we accepted that false advertising and fake news is  the norm to the extent that companies now have a reduced motivation to fight it, or possibly even join the bandwagon?

Our panelists will share their views and provide some insights into how you can spot and deal with it in your organisation.

Cyber-crime: An underestimated, but very real threat

Panel Sessions 2: 12.35pm - 1.15pm


Ghonche Alavi - NYA

Philip Ingram MBE - Grey Hare Media

John Lyons - Cyber Essentials 

Whilst the losses to cybercrime are huge and well publicised, many organisations still massively underestimate both the risk to their business and the real cost of a breach.

Our experts discuss why this is still happening in certain industries, and how to the raise both the level of focus and resource within all businesses.

Networking Lunch

1.15pm - 2.30pm


Networking lunch.

The Importance and the Benefits of Managing Cyber-Security Risk and How to do it

2.30pm - 3.15pm

Andy Watkin-Child

Partner at ParaVa

Security is an enterprise wide risk and the whole Board should take responsibility for it. Understanding the impact of the issue, the basics of cyber, the regulatory environment and the impact on financial statements is critical. Andy demonstrates the importance for all corporate executives in understanding the threat and its consequences and the role the c-suite plays in mitigating and preventing.

Online -  the future of business but at what cost?

Panel Session 3: 3.15pm - 3.55pm


Aviya Arika - Aviya Innovative Law

Jean-Michel Azzopardi - Kralanx

Dr Jacqui Taylor - FlyingBinary

Andy Watkin-Child - ParaVa

With the movement of many organisations to online only models, they have opened themselves up to risks they may not fully appreciate. With numerous threats in the cyber world, one breach can destroy trust,  dent their reputation, or as we have seen in some highly advertised cases be the end of their business. 

Our panelists explore both the obvious and hidden dangers, and look at how evolving legislation and regulation may help in the future.

Fraud: threatening businesses from the outside and from within

Panel Session 4: 3.15pm - 3.55pm


Michael Dietrich - Nodon Consulting AG

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy - Tapoly

Sam Lee - SMBC

Dr Roselyn Borg-Knight - Twenty One Law

In a Verizon study, 40% of data breaches it analysed were perpetrated by internal operatives. PwC found similar numbers in their latest research.

As well as insulating themselves against external threats, companies must also protect their data from its employees.

Our expert panel will share their views on how to manage this often uncomfortable risk, debate the pros and cons of the methods available, and also highlight how to deal with it if it happens. 

Coffee Break

3.55pm - 4.15pm


Time for a coffee..

Taskforce Session 2

4.15pm - 5.15pm

Special Agent In Command

A chance to review progress with the task and provide some more tools and techniques for beating the hackers.

Creating a CyberSafe Future

5.15pm - 6.00pm

Dr Jacqui Taylor


World renowned Cyber Security Tsar Dr Jacqui Taylor delivers the keynote presentation.

Conference Close

6pm onwards

Cocktails & Networking

An opportunity to network with fellow delegates over a cocktail or two.


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