CyberCon London Webinar Series - FREE WEBINAR

75% of Security Breaches Come From Insider Threats!

Join our experts Ghonche Alavi, Eliav Boaron, Philip Ingram, and Ryan Rubin as they explore this exciting topic and provide answers to the following questions...

  • What are the biggest opportunities for employees to commit crimes

  • What are the most common threats internally?

  • What should you be looking for and how do you pick up on potential insider threats?

  • If you identify an attack what do you do and how do you stop it?

  • Legally what can companies do to counter the insider threat?

  • Tips for dealing with consequences post attack and recovery management techniques.

  • What technology is there to assist and block these threats?

CyberCon London Webinar Series - FREE WEBINAR


A £13 billion shift in consumer spending as a result of lockdown created a new “isolation economy” and this is certainly positive news, given the circumstances, but as this once in a generation pandemic forces businesses to resort to remote working, many are facing numerous challenges, including the level of cyber threats that are greater than ever before. 

Lack of collaboration and innovation are some of the elements that are harder to follow and implement in isolation and thus may suffer as a result. If this is to be the new normal, looking beyond this new “isolation economy” is crucial. Businesses will have to think creatively as to how they can continue to be collaborative and innovate remotely , but do this in a safe and secure way.

Dr Jacqui Taylor, Founder and CEO of FlyingBinary Ltd led a webinar where she shared her expert opinion on the future for Cyber Security. She was joined by Andy Watkin-Child, Chartered Security Professional and Director at The Security Institute, and Founding Partner at ParaVa, and they discussed the issues during a Q&A session.


For those who missed it s full recording of the webinar can be accessed here: . 


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